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Questions to be asked by Buyers to Real Estate Developers – Dreamz Gk Infra Tips

Who is not aware that buying a property involves huge procedure and for sure is a hectic process, so as a buyer make sure that you are prepared to ask some questions to your real estate developer in order to make your property purchase a stress-free one?
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Before signing any kind of documents, a buyer should be ready to ask few questions to their real estate developer:

 ·         Though, you may hire an attorney, it is always good that as an individual even you take a look at the documents and make sure that the real estate developer is the actual owner of the land.

·         Ensure the license of the land that is used to construct or build a property defines that the land use is for constructing commercial or residential property, plots or floors others.

·         Most of the time, real estate developers start to sell apartments before completion of land acquisition.  Check, whether the developers have completed land acquisition procedure, because sometime the developer would have got acquisition only for 80 per cent of land and in case your property is built on the remaining land for which he wouldn’t have got acquisition, then no doubt you are into trouble.

·         Take some time and make a thorough research to make sure that the developer is the legal owner of the property and never forget to ask for the khasra number, which will give you information about on whose name is the land of property registered.

·         Prepare yourself to ask all possible questions to your developer, ascertain that the developers have obtained permission to build the project from the area’s town planning authority.  Check, whether the developer has got approval from the concerned authorities for height clearance, water, environment and pollution, building plan, and many others.

·         Never forget to discuss about the cost-escalation clause in the builder-buyer agreement, ask for the payment plan, and check for the reputation of the developer.
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These are the few important questions that buyers should always be prepared to ask their developers.  If you have any other doubts, never hesitate to ask your developers as you will be investing your lifetime savings while buying a property.

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