Friday, 17 January 2014

Industrial sector slowdown probably continues - Dreamz Infra news

The economic worsening has subdued workplace and retail markets, leading to a sales retardation in addition as pressurized capital values across leading cities, as per CBRE Research's year-to-date coverage of trends in India's realty sector. Purchaser sentiments within the housing market have remained for the most part cautious attributable to comparatively high value points and sticky borrowing prices, amid an unsure economic climate. As a result, investment has slowed significantly across segments, leading to weaker construction activity in most cities.
From the attitude of business workplace alone, demand declined throughout the third quarter of 2013, as a result of corporates centered on consolidating and saving their space portfolios, and moving to outer markets. Whereas this has contributed to rental stability in most markets in recent months, dispirited demand and high vacancy levels have resulted in an exceedingly decrease in workplace provide over previous quarters, consideration in on future investment plans.

Against the present political and economic backdrop, demand for industrial land is probably going to stay subdued within the medium term. Firms are expected to continue their target on best area utilization and price cutting measures and dealing activity is predicted to be in the main restricted to require from little and medium sized area. Supply accumulations are possible to exert pressure on rental and capital values.

Latest proof of revival within the global and domestic economy ought to contribute to raised performance and improved economic prospects towards H2 2014. For example, as the capitalist pull-back from rising markets between June and August this year, somehow the Rupee has regained by reaching 61.23 against the dollar as of October 2013, as compared to a low 68.8 which reached during August 2013-and there is also an improvement of domestic stock markets.

Non-resident investors are currently allowable to get shares, whereas domestic companies will invest 400 percent of their net value in foreign markets at this time. Throughout the next six months, CBRE analysis expects reforms to be approved for begin the banking sector to foreign competition and increase company debt markets, which is able to promote investment and lift potency within the financial sector.

The export sector is showing the sign of improvement, with the wider hike in expectation of demand for H2 2013, marked by domestic initiatives and economic indicators save exports and control imports. Over all development of the prospects in the trading sector and India’s external balances look distinctly better than they did 6 months ago.

With reference to state support, the Govt is functioning towards allowing additional foreign investment in key sectors. To spice up capitalist sentiment and revive growth, the Govt is targeting sectors like single-brand and multi-brand retail, hiking limits for foreign investment in insurance sectors and telecommunications, yet as setting a committee to fast-track approvals for mega infrastructure projects. That said, application is key; and going forward success can rely on minimizing obstruction from interest teams and delivering clear, unambiguous procedure for foreign investors.

Looking on the far side the results of the coming General Elections in April 2014, the economy won't solely would need a clearly outlined vision and competent economic management, however also will need proactive, industry-centric deciding beside sweeping reforms in a number of areas to drive quicker growth. From the stance of each  economy and also the business realty sector, reforms are specifically needed in areas, like slow project approval processes, offer bottlenecks, starting up key sectors like retail to FDI, and infrastructure formation through PPP projects.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dreamz infra reviews work and achievements for the year 2013

Dreamz infra is a famed real estate company in Bangalore. Their main vision is to provide affordable homes to people residing in and around Bangalore. Dreamz Infra always stands for innovation. They offer good quality houses at reasonable price. The year 2013 was a happy year for Dreamz. They had organized home fair to help the individuals to know about their projects. Many home buyers visited the home fair and choosed their dream home at their preferred location. Many people across Bangalore participated in the home fair and more than 500 flats were sold out. They also offered special discounts, freebies and lucky draw during the time of booking of the flats.
Dreamz infra hew year

Dreamz were not only into business deals but also participated in other activities. January 2nd 2013 they had organized an annual day in which many activities and competitions where held. All the employees of Dreamz Infra actively participated by show casing their talents. Best performance award and cash price was given to the employees. Each department gave presentation about their work profile.

Dreamz Infra had organized cricket league in 2013. Each employees from different department participated in the cricket league and also best team won the award. Dreamz Infra has a team was a part of social activities like they helped the poor children’s by providing books, food etc. They also spent time with them by organizing games, having fun with them etc.

In 2013 Dreamz infra inaugurated Dreamz OM apartment. The ceremony was very good. The entire flat owner received their flat keys with their family members and was a part of the inauguration. On 20th January 2013 Dreamz Infra celebrated the Bhoomi pooja of Dreamz Saakar project.

In the month of November 2013 Dreamz infra celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava. There was a rally in which all the employees of Dreamz participated and the CD “MATHADI KANNADA” was given to the people to learn and speak Kannada.
Dreamz home

Dreamz Infra is the only builder who is offering flats less than market price. The buyers who ever have purchased flats from Dreamz are happily residing in their dream home. The Amenities and the facilities provided in Dreamz flats are outstanding. The service given by them from the purchase of flat till the finishing is very good. They any time resolve your query without hesitating. Many existing customers came and shared their reviews about Dreamz Infra. They gave the possession on the given time. They used to intimate the buyers if there was any changes made.

People who are planning to purchase a flat, 2014 are the best time. As Dreamz Infra is coming up with more new projects at preferred locations. So it’s time to grab the opportunity to have a dream home at the affordable cost. 2014 will the best year for the home buyers.

Dreamz always gave their best to their customers. They never disappointed their customers, they always well treated them. Dreamz main motto is to see all the individuals to own their dream home. Dreamz Infra is the best builder to have a home of your choice.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dreamz Infra : The Most Ideal Property Destination

Are you currently looking for a flat in Bangalore, but are the high prices proving to be an obstacle? Then, you haven’t come across Dreamz Infra, the premier real estate firm with presence in more than fifty locations and options for all categories of buyers.  Dreamz Infra is the other name for affordability with an impressive price range and exceptional benefits.
Ease of Documentation
Dreamz Infra takes every step to ensure that all properties have verified documents and are easy to understand. What Dreamz guarantees is hassle-free and crystal clear documentation. In addition, the expert CRM team at Dreamz is there to offer anytime assistance.

Complete Home Loan Assistance
Dreamz Infra ensures financial problems don’t prevent their customers from acquiring their dream properties. Dreamz buyers could avail upto 100% loan and there are several premier lenders to choose from. With fast procedures, customers could get discounts on processing fees.

Continued Assistance
Dreamz Infra offers extended offers to the buyers, which continue years after the purchase. Any issues related to Dreamz properties are immediately taken care of, be it finding tenants or reselling the house. Not only this, with five years of assured warranty, all the electrical, plumbing and similar works are taken care of; an exclusive offer from Dreamz.

Vaastu and Interior Consultancy Free of Cost
Dreamz enables long sessions with Vaastu and interior experts for a great home. Vaastu has been practiced in India since ages and are found to bring great results. Effective interiors make your dream home much more beautiful.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Questions to be asked by Buyers to Real Estate Developers – Dreamz Gk Infra Tips

Who is not aware that buying a property involves huge procedure and for sure is a hectic process, so as a buyer make sure that you are prepared to ask some questions to your real estate developer in order to make your property purchase a stress-free one?
Ask question dreamz infra
Before signing any kind of documents, a buyer should be ready to ask few questions to their real estate developer:

 ·         Though, you may hire an attorney, it is always good that as an individual even you take a look at the documents and make sure that the real estate developer is the actual owner of the land.

·         Ensure the license of the land that is used to construct or build a property defines that the land use is for constructing commercial or residential property, plots or floors others.

·         Most of the time, real estate developers start to sell apartments before completion of land acquisition.  Check, whether the developers have completed land acquisition procedure, because sometime the developer would have got acquisition only for 80 per cent of land and in case your property is built on the remaining land for which he wouldn’t have got acquisition, then no doubt you are into trouble.

·         Take some time and make a thorough research to make sure that the developer is the legal owner of the property and never forget to ask for the khasra number, which will give you information about on whose name is the land of property registered.

·         Prepare yourself to ask all possible questions to your developer, ascertain that the developers have obtained permission to build the project from the area’s town planning authority.  Check, whether the developer has got approval from the concerned authorities for height clearance, water, environment and pollution, building plan, and many others.

·         Never forget to discuss about the cost-escalation clause in the builder-buyer agreement, ask for the payment plan, and check for the reputation of the developer.
Dreamz infra agrrement
These are the few important questions that buyers should always be prepared to ask their developers.  If you have any other doubts, never hesitate to ask your developers as you will be investing your lifetime savings while buying a property.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Dreamz Review - Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Its Benefits

The India’s capital market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India will permit Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in India.

The Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) is an investment fund that invests in real estate.  REIT is a company that owns many types of commercial real estate, including office, apartment buildings, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, and even timberlands and some REITs also finances real estate.

The Real Estate Investment Trusts just acts like a mutual fund, which lets you to invest indirectly in commercial or large properties and where an expert fund manager manages a pool of money and he buys or sells properties behalf of you and you get the benefit of the market movement in prices through your investment on the unit.

After five years, the Securities and Exchange Board of India released guidelines that were drawn for REITs.  The regulator has invited the authorities for feedback on REITs, after which the regulations will be validated and launched.

The REITs provide investors an opportunity to invest in large-scale and diversified real estate, which will earn returns the same way as other asset classes.
A REIT acts like a mutual fund, where to invest in a stock you need not to own a stock, in the same way, to invest in REITs you need not to own a property.

A REIT is a platform for investment in property that allows to invest in hospitals office, complex, and malls etc., which would be difficult for an ordinary investor.
Due to the variations in the value of the properties in the country, the Securities and Exchange Board of India was doubtful to launch REIT’s in India in 2008.

The regulator has now suggested a complete evaluation, which includes a physical scrutiny of the properties once in a year and will be updated every six-months, the declaration of net asset value of REIT units at least twice a year to ensure transparency that will evaluate the fundamental assets of REITs appropriately.

Investors will get regular income by investing in REITs and for developers they will act as sponsors as well and in case if they want to go out, they can opt for either as a developers or a private equity fund that will enable developers to invest in other projects as well.
It is also expected that the REITs will fetch in accountability and transparency in the realty sector, which now is complicated.

Monday, 28 October 2013

The best time to invest and make money when the outlook is gloomy- Dreamz News.

On Monday in New Delhi the Sensex plunged more than 400 points in trade. But retrieved some of the losses and got settled at 347 points lower. The US is going to shut down partially tonight. India is going to be projected tough to control due to the fiscal deficit numbers. The deadline for the US to ride out the debt ceiling crisis is on October 17, which may see millions without pay.  The outlook is certainly gloomy.
The Sensex complete at 19,379.77, less 347.50 points. It touched a high of 19,651.31 and a less of 19,320.73 in trade these days.

The 50-share keen index closed at 5,735.30, less 97.90 points. The index touched intraday high of 5,810.20 and a less of 5,719.45.

One of the Analysts says benchmarks indices have affected in a very volatile vary over the past few weeks that have created a window of chance for discerning investors.
Indian markets are on ups and downs till date within the month of September.

After closing a pair of 2.6 per cent decrease within the previous week, the benchmark index remains up nearly six per cent, or above 1,100 points, to date in September.
Analyst says that markets are going to remain unchanged and there may be trade with negative bias in the month of October. Markets remain volatile ahead in Q2 results. 

Even though the markets recovered in the near term, where macros look demanding and which is fearing US QE tapering in October or in December, which could push nifty and Sensex to lower. Only few stocks have increased and few stocks are still trading low. They say due to spinning of the stock price few companies are seeing huge discounts to their historical valuations.

Experts say that money can be made in the market when there is a gloom. When everyone is positive, there is no value left on the table. Gradually speaking, the market has now confirmed a channel pattern where breakdown on the daily charts and has controllable implications. During these times where one should invest?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dreamz – First Project Reviews By Dreamz GK Infra Private Limited

With a strong vision to provide affordable houses and having its own resolution that every citizen of India should own a house, Dreamz GK Infra Pvt Ltd ventured into real estate and launched its very first project called “Dreamz”.

Aesthetically designed, priced reasonably and built in the heart of the Bangalore City, each luxurious residential apartment in Dreamz is designed creatively to meet the expectations of the individuals dream home. 

Each spacious room in the 2 and 3BHK luxurious residential apartments is designed elegantly with sophisticated interiors.  Every room is designed to create a haven of peacefulness, as your room is the place where you will end your stressful day by stretching your muscles freely on your bed.

Dreamz gk infra rooms

Kitchen & Bathroom
The smart kitchens in each apartment are equipped with stainless steel sink with drain board and added feature for women is the height adjustable slab.  Rejuvenate your soul by bathing in the bathroom, which has semi vitrified tiles flooring, faucet toilet fittings and accessories plus a 24×7 power backup in the attic.

Amenities and Services
Enjoy Dreamz’s unique services and amenities all at one place without leaving your home and thereby saving your precious time, which includes Gymnasium, health club and Beauty salon for men and women, party hall and terrace garden, multi-cuisine restaurant, amphitheater, children’s play area, jogging track, water falls, swimming pool.

Dreamz gk infra amenities

Our unique services also include rain water harvesting, residential mini hospital and a supermarket where you need not to waste your time and money going out to buy your household items.